Online Weighing & Mixing System in plastics Film Industry

To meet the demand for film materials, the accurate proportion and mixing of raw materials during production are important. As a provider of customized automated material handling solutions, Mconvey developed “online weighing and mixing system” dedicated for plastic film extrusion industry. This system enables real-time online weighing of raw materials, significantly improving production efficiency and product consistency.


  • It is composed of a loss-in-weight feeder (granular) for main materials and four hopper or more loss-in-weight feeders for sub materials. lt can achieve continuous and accurate weighing and feeding of five or more materials according to the weight.
  • The system adopts “windproof” design, which is less affected by the workshop environment with accurate weighing.
  • Modular component design, flexible matching, simple and fast cleaning, quick and convenient switching of raw materials.
  • Product design with compact structure for limit workshop space,suitable for the place where the installation dimensions are constrained.


Customer’s old equipment had slow response times for material changes and difficult to adjust , According to customer’s demand, Mconvey provided two sets of customized five-components loss-in-weight feeders, each with output of 20-80 kg/h. The system adopt loss-in-weight weighing for the main material, and loss-in-weight feeding for four auxiliary materials and achieved precisely follow the discharged rate of main material ,and main material achieved accuracy of +1% and auxiliary material accuracy of+0.5%.

The equipment is equipped with PLC control , it can realize visual production management. The customer can check the flow curves, weighing curves, speed curves, and alarm records, and generate material consumption reports, ensuring efficient and precise production processes.

After the application of Mconvey’s five-component loss-in-weight feeders, customer significantly achieved  production precision and efficiency improving. The system’s visual monitoring allows for precise control of the proportions of the main and auxiliary materials, reducing waste and costs,while improving product quality and consistency. This solution is suitable for multi-variety, small-batch production needs, improving product competitiveness.


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