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LSZS Co-rotating Parallel Twin-screw Mixing and Dosing Extrusion System

The co-rotating twin-screw extruder has the advantages of high conveying efficiency, strong dispersion and mixing ability, good self-cleaning performance, uniform residence time distribution of materials in the machine, and good adaptability. It is widely used in blending modification between different plastics, plastics and rubbers,various additives and plastics, glass fiber, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, etc.It is the first choice for continuous mixing equipment for polymer modification.

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Extruder Model
C series6-9Nm/cm³
No.TypeL/D ratioScrew speed(rpm)Motor power(kw)Throughput(kg/h)Range of application
1LSZS-52C40-5260075200-300PP/ PE/ TPE/ TPR/ ABS/ PC
M series11-15Nm/cm³
No.TypeL/D ratioScrew speed(rpm)Motor power(kw)Throughput(kg/h)Range of application
1LSZS-50M40-52600/900110/160300-400ABS/ PC/ TPU/ PA/ PBT/ PET/ PPS/ PPA/ LCP/ PEEK/ PMMA

Screw Element

The screw and barrel are the plasticizing parts of the extruder, which are the core parts related to the plasticization, dispersion, and physical properties of materials. Liansu can provide professional process suggestions and suitable screw combinations based on customers’ specific production requirements. In response to the wear or corrosion environment of materials, Liansu can provide professional recommendations on screw elements/barrel sleeve materials, recommending the most cost-effective material applications.


Barrel Sleeve

The heating and cooling efficiency of the barrel is also a key performance of the extruder. especially PC and ABS materials with high whiteness requirements are very sensitive to the actual effect of temperature control!


Masterbatch doser
The signal from the control box is transmitted to the motor, and the motor starts operation to drive the screw rod to rotate through the coupling. The color master batch in the hopper falls into the screw rod, and then is squeezed by the screw rod, and conveyed to the base by the screw rod. A weighing sensor is used to precisely contral the output of the color master batch to realize the proportional addition of the color master batch, so as to achieve the purpose of accurately metering and conveying the color master batch.

Configure online precise measurement and feeding systems for multiple materials.

For granular or powdery materials, it can achieve multiple raw materials, and the materials can be continuously and accurately added to the extruder according to the target output of each component.

For granular or powdery materials, it can achieve accurate measurement in batches for multiple raw materials according to the target weight of each component, and premixed before being uniformly added to the extruder.

Predictive maintenance of extrusion gear box


Energy consumption analysis of production line

plastic pelletizing machine

Applicaiton case: Twin-screw Palletizing with online Mixing and Dosing Extrusion System
PP pellets, PP masterbatches, HDPE pellets 
Output: 450-550kg/h

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