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Mconvey offer wide range of material handing solution for blow or cast films for mono or multilayer continuous co-extrusion process. Providing equipments for gravimetric blender, doser, dryer, and matrerial conveying system

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Additive dosing and gain-in-weight as central systems or individual units

Gravimetric blender
1.When the metering valve is started, the hopper metering valve opens according to the time value calculated by the preset weight value and the unit feeding volume of the metering valve. When the feeding time is up, the metering valve closes and the weighing pan is checked. If within the specified error range,it goes to the next hopper for weighing and check;
2.When the raw materials in all the hoppers have been weighed and checked, they will fall into the mixing bucket for stirring and mixing. When the mixing time is up, they will be automatically discharged into the bottom storage hopper.

Masterbatch doser
The signal from the control box is transmitted to the motor, and the motor starts operation to drive the screw rod to rotate through the coupling. The color master batch in the hopper falls into the screw rod, and then is squeezed by the screw rod, and conveyed to the base by the screw rod. A weighing sensor is used to precisely contral the output of the color master batch to realize the proportional addition of the color master batch, so as to achieve the purpose of accurately metering and conveying the color master batch.

Insulation dryer
The insulation dryer is suitable for centralized drying of granular, which can be used in the centralized feeding system of granular, can also be used in the unified drying system of raw materials of serval machines. It working principle is in the course of raw material processing , the air blown out by the drying fan is heated by the electric heating pipe and becomes high-temperature dry air. After passing through the unique lower blowing pipe,the hot air is evenly dispersed in the insulation bucket to dry the raw materials ,and the moisture in the raw materials in the bucket is evaporated and blown put ,thereby achieving the purpose of removing moisture in raw materials .

Materials conveying
When the equipment is feeding, the spiral blades of the equipment rotate continuously. There is a thrust bearing at the feed downpipe, which is used to bear the axial force and radial force of the material against the spiral blades.There is a radial bearing at the feeding port. And the material moves forward along the bottom of the bucket of the conveyor under the push of the rotating spiral blades to complete the feeding operation.
In the case of long-distance feeding, a hanger bearing can be installed in the middle of the spiral bucket to prevent the spiral bucket from deforming or bending.
Tube chain conveyor is a device that conveys powder or granules in a closed pipeline through the movement of the disc scraper.It can convey materials in a horizontal, vertical, inclined or zigzag manner. It can realize sequential feeding for multiple extruders

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