Dosing | Gravimetric Doser for Granular Material

In the plastic processing , the diverse and stable of masterbatch is important factor to the product quality. Mconvey offer Gravimetric Doser, which is specifically for dosing masterbatch. It can accurately weighing masterbatch online, gurantee the stability quality in the processing of injection molding,extrusion and blow molding.
Gravimetric doser with high-precision load cell can accurately weigh masterbatch to ensure accurate dosing control. This product is suitable for high precision environments. And it can meet various formulation needs and complex production requirements with multiple component heads.


  • Accurate weighing: It can accurate dosing of each batch of masterbatch and color uniformity by setting the proportion or accurate weight sensor.
  • Accurate feeding: It can automatically adds masterbatch to plastic raw materials without manual intervention, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing errors and waste.
  • Mixing : It can fully mix masterbatch and plastic raw materials to ensure uniform distribution of color.


  • PLC control and touch screen display.
  • Modular assembly with multi-combinations.
  • Simple and fast material change and maintenance-free.
  • The measurement accuracy can reach ±0.1%.
  • Sturdy and durable Stainless steel casting parts.
  • Self-learning control without debugging when change formula.


Gravimetric Doser in Blow molding & injection molding

Gravimetric Doser in Compound pelletizing machine                                               Gravimetric Doser in Extrusion

Gravimetric Doser in 3D printing

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