Introduction of Jumbo Bag Discharging Station

As a common way of daily plastic packaging, the jumbo bags are widely used. Although it is more convenient in material transportation and storage, but it also has the problem of unloading. Due to the large volume and weight of jumbo bags, the traditional manual unloading is often inefficient and labor-intensive. If it is powder materials jombo bag, it is easy to cause dust problem and pollute the workshop. In order to reduce the labor intensity of workers and the dust pollution, and meet the needs of efficient production, the jumbo bag discharging station developed and produced by Mconvey can effectively improve the unloading efficiency and is widely used in all areas involving powder, granular material applications, but also suitable for toxic, flammable and corrosive applications.

Working Principle

The jumbo bag is raised to the top of the hopper by electric hoist, and put the bag mouth in the hopper inlet. Then close the bag clamping valve, untie the bag rope, slowly open the bag clamping valve, and the material in the bag flows into the hopper.


jumbo bag discharging station

Customer Case

Mconvey can provide customized solutions based on site, process conditions, material characteristics, etc., and provide jumbo bag discharging stations of different specifications, and it can connect pipeline or pneumatic conveying, dosing and mixing and other equipment.

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