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Material handling typically adopts pneumatic conveying,which can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure. The positive pressure conveying uses high-flow compressed air, suitable for high-volume transport in large storage silos. The material transfer between equipment in workshops often use vacuum negative pressure. Traditional way of negative pressure conveying mainly adopt Roots vacuum pump units, which operate at power frequency. The power frequency operation has the disavantages of frequent starts and stops, leading to high failure rates, high noise and high energy consumption.

Mconvey has developed an efficient and energy-saving Permanent Magnet Vacuum Pump Station for material conveying. This system can directly connect a Roots vacuum pump with a highly efficient permanent magnet motor,ensuring large and stable vacuum flow and energy storage. One vacuum station can replace multiple traditional Roots vacuum pumps units , which can effectively reduce the energy consumption, lower maintenance rates, and operate with low noise.

permanent magnet vacuum pump


  • Ultra-efficient permanent magnet variable frequency synchronous motor for direct drive, ensuring low energy consumption.
  • Two-stage pump set with series control and fully automatic closed-loop negative pressure control, providing stable vacuum.
  • Built-in two-stage noise reduction eliminates the need for centralized noise control rooms.
  • Built-in oil-free circulation cooling system in the pump set, offering a simple and reliable structure.
  • Standard equipment includes IoT functionality for mobile app data monitoring.


It can be widely used in material negative pressure conveying, vacuum packaging, vacuum forming, papermaking, food containers, and plastic vacuum shaping (such as plastic pipes and profiles) and other industries.

Energy Saving Rate

  • Material handling in injection molding workshops, saving over 50% energy compared to traditional multiple Roots vacuum pumps.
  • Centralized vacuum forming for plastic profile extrusion, saving over 40% energy compared to single machine turbine water tank groups.
  • Centralized vacuum shaping for plastic pipes, saving 40-50% energy compared to single machines.


Application Case

We will share a case transformation in material handling for injection molding workshops.

Project Info

Location: Guangdong, China

Customer Requirements: Centralized negative pressure transportation of raw materials for 32 injection molding machines in workshop requires a transportation output of 34 tons/day, covering the centralized transportation of 8 different raw materials (including material measurement).

Mconvey provided customers with a 37kw permanent magnet vacuum pump as a negative pressure transmission power source to meet the normal production needs of 32 injection molding machines. We also offered an additional spare pump to ensure seamless switching during maintenance. This improves production efficiency, reduces downtime, reduces energy consumption and noise, and prolongs the service life of equipment.

More product cases will be

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