Case | Efficient and energy-saving automated material feeding solution for Pipe Fitting Injection

Automation is driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. The investment in automation can reduce or eliminate human errors in the production process, improve product quality stability, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. This issue takes you into customer production sites to learn about automated material feeding solutions for injection molding accessories in the pipeline industry.

Customer case: Automatic feeding system for plastic pipe injection workshop

  1. Customer coordinates: South China region
  2. Customer’s Industry: Plastic Pipeline
  3. System Introduction:

Convenient operation and pollution-free feeding

Mconvey provides customers with a ton-bag feeding system, which reduces labor intensity for workers and reduces material loss and pollution. It achieves dust-free operation from feeding to conveying. And the materials are conveyed in a fully-enclosed way, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Ton Bag Discharging Station (Power)

Efficient and energy-saving, ensuring long-term stable material conveying

The project adopts a vacuum power energy-saving system, equipped with an efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, which directly drives the pump body and operates quickly and efficiently. Compared to traditional Roots blowers, Mconvey energy-saving pumps can save 35-40% energy, providing a continuous source of power for material conveying and ensuring long-term stable production operation.

Long distance and precise conveying of materials

The feeding and production at the customer’s site are not in the same workshop, with a distance of 170 meters. The project plan adopts a negative pressure pneumatic conveying system, which is not limited by the distance of the workshop building. The flexible arrangement of conveying pipelines ensures the quality of the conveyed materials, avoids moisture and pollution, and effectively solves the problem of long-distance material conveying.

High precision mixing and dosing system

The project adopts a Gravimetric Blender, which can simultaneously weigh, proportion, and mix multi-component materials, reducing manual mixing processes and human errors, improving customer production efficiency and effectively improving product quality stability.

Gravimetric Blender

Multifunctional and effective dehumidification to ensure product molding and appearance quality

Mconvey provides a 2-in-1 dehumidifying dryer that combines dehumidification and drying functions to effectively remove moisture from the plastic particles, maintain their dryness, and improve the molding and appearance quality of plastic products.


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