How to remove moisture from plastic effectively? Plastic Dehumidifying Dryer Combination

In the production process of plastic products, due to the hygroscopicity of most plastic materials and the influence of climate and environment, it is easy to absorb surrounding moisture and penetrate into the interior of plastic materials, affecting the quality of product molding, resulting in problems such as bubbles, opacity, shrinkage, silver lines, and poor transparency. In response to the “dehumidification” problem of plastics, the Mconvey dehumidifying dryer can effectively remove moisture from plastic particles and keep them dry, improve the molding and appearance quality of plastic products.

According to different customer needs, Mconvey provides multiple combination types of dehumidifying dryers to provide customers with more economical and efficient product services.

Method 1 : Mconvey 3-in-1 Dehumidifying Dryer Combination

3 IN 1 Dehumidifying Dryer Combination

Equipment features :

  • Multi functional operation: It integrates dehumidification, drying, and material feeding functions, making it more efficient, energy-saving, and space-saving on the site.
  • Simple operation: PLC control combined with LCD touch man-machine interface control system, centralized and convenient operation, can control the automatic operation of the entire machine;
  • Low return air temperature and dew point: Equipped with a dual cooler structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point;
  • Not easily contaminated: Equipped with a return air filter inside, ensuring that the honeycomb rotor is not contaminated by raw material dust;
  • Good dehumidification effect: using imported full molecular sieve honeycomb rotor for dehumidification, compared to plastic adsorption honeycomb, the dehumidification effect is better;
  • High performance of automation: equipped with a one-week timer function to achieve automatic operation of the entire machine.

Optional devices :

  • Optional dew point meter for easy monitoring of dew point at any time.
  • Optional drying electric heating and temperature controller, combined with a drying silo, can perform dehumidification and drying operations on raw materials.
  • There are heat-resistant air ducts, tripod type cyclone dust collectors, and oil filters available for selection.

Application Cases :

Case 1: The customer produces RTP pipes with a raw material formula of PE material+black masterbatch. The inner and outer main materials,  masterbatch, and recycled materials all undergo dehumidification and drying. The main and recycled materials are dried for 5 hours, and the  masterbatch is dried for 2 hours. For different raw material dosages, Mconvey 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 dehumidifying drying machines are used to effectively dehumidify and dry the raw materials.

3 in 1 Dehumidifying Dryer case plastic industrial dehumidifier case dehumidifying dryer drying dehumidifier

Method 2 : Mconvey 2-in-1 Dehumidifying Dryer Combination

2 in 1 Dehumidifying Dryer Combination

Equipment features :

  • Multi functional operation: integrating dehumidification and drying functions;
  • Low dew point: Adopting a full molecular sieve honeycomb rotor, it can provide  dry air with stable low dew point;
  • No residue in raw material feeding: The feeding system is equipped with a cut-off suction box to ensure that there are no residues in the pipe;
  • Accurate control: PLC control, touch screen display, precise control of drying temperature.

Application Cases :

Case 2: The customer produces injection molded parts with a raw material formula of PE new material and black masterbatch. The production site uses an Mconvey 2-in-1 dehumidifying dryer with a storage capacity of 4000kg.

2 in 1 Honeycomb Dehumidifier dryer case drying dehumidifier


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