Case | Automatic material handling solution for pipe extrusion

Hereunder we will share the case of Mconvey’s automated material handling solution in plastic pipe industry. The system has been successfully accepted by customer. Mconvey provided an integrated automated material handling for the upstream material processing of plastic pipe extrusion production line, covered raw material storage drying, weighing, mixing, and conveying.

Project Info:

  • Area:Eastern Europe
  • Equipment: Multilayer Co-extrusion HDPE Pipe Extrusion Equipment
  • Offered System: Feeding, Storage, Drying, Multi-component Weighing and Mixing, and Vacuum Conveying System

material silo

plastic pipe extrusion production line

Rational planning and layout

The Equipment was placed in layers through platforms, making reasonable and effective use of space, saving floor space, and distinguishing the raw material area from the production area, and centrally carrying out raw material placement, storage and drying. The areas are clearly divided and the arrangement is neat and beautiful.

Accurate weighing and mixing

The project is equipped with multi-component gravimetric blenders of different specifications and models, which can realize flexible online formula switching and ensure accurate online weighing and mixing of multiple materials, ensuring pipe quality and reducing production labor intensity.

Efficient  management

The system only needs to manually add the raw materials to the feeding station, and set the material formula and dosage on the equipment, so that the raw materials can be automatically supplied to the extruder according to the proportion. The raw materials are sealed and transported through the pipeline throughout the entire process, effectively reduce raw material loss and pollution, avoid errors caused by human handling, greatly save customers’ production costs, and improve production management level and efficiency.


Mconvey is committed to providing  Customized, Professional, Automated and Accurate Material Handling Solutions.

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