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With the continuous development of compound technology, plastics can be modified to improve their material and processing properties, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of plastics, thus broadening the field of application. This case is a PE/LDPE material modification pelletizing project.

The customer mainly produces modified masterbatch such as PE/HDPE/LLPE/PP, etc. Mconvey provides the whole system from conveying, mixing, extruding, pelletizing and packaging for the customer.

plastic pelletizing line

Customer Information

Region: Europe


  • Feeding : material conveying, silo, loss-in-weight feeder, stirring system
  • Extrusion : twin-screw extrusion with underwater plastic pelletizing machine
  • Packaging: Online ton-bag packaging machine, 25KG packaging unit
  • Production capacity: 450-550kg/h
  • PE/LDPE Pelletizing and Extruding Online Mixing System

plastic pelletizing machineplastic pelletizing line

plastic pelletizing machine for saleCustomer Site

Material weighing, mixing and conveying – Efficient, accurate, and stable

The system is equipped with automated feeding equipment, which can realize online multi-component weighing, metering and mixing of various raw materials, no matter granular or powder, and then convey them to the corresponding feeding ports of the extruder according to the target output/weight to ensure high efficiency, precision and stability of material supply.

Loss-in-weight Feeder :

It adopts special customized hollow DD servo motor independently developed by Mconvey, which can be applied to all kinds of solid powder or granular materials with poor fluidity, and it has excellent bridge-breaking performance. One model can be applied to the metering of all solid materials, and the structure is simple and convenient for maintenance.

Gravimetric Doser (granules):

It is used for the automatic mixing and metering feeding of virgin materials, secondary materials, masterbatch materials or additive materials in proportion to each other. It adopts the weighing sensor to precisely control the output amount of masterbatch to realize the proportional addition of masterbatch, thereby achieving the purpose of precise metering and conveying of masterbatch, and it can be matched with different-component loss-in-weight feeders according to the demands, so as to satisfy the use of different occasions and fields.

plastic granulator machine

Gravimetric Doser use in extrusion pelletizing machine

System integration control – simple, convenient, automatic

PLC integrated control, automatic joint control and operation of the unit, can achieve functions such as setting process parameters, monitoring process flow, formula operation, etc. At the same time, it can also achieve communication control, data and signal acquisition, and remote centralized control with upstream and downstream equipment of the customer through extension, achieving the automation control needs of the entire production line.


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