Compound pelletizing line completed online acceptance

Mconvey successfully completed the online acceptance of the twin-screw compound pelletizing line for North American customer. The customer remotely monitors the entire conveying, control and packaging process in real time online, and finally accepts it .

plastic pellet making machine compound machine

Application : Chemical industry


Raw materials: High soluble PE composite pellets, PP pellets and various auxiliary powders (12 types)

Delivery area: North America


  1.  Automatic metering and conveying system of raw materials, including automatic feeding and metering system for main ingredients, accurate metering system for 12-component auxiliary ingredients, and fully automatic high-speed mixing equipment after all raw materials are measured.
  2.  High-yield co-rotating parallel twin-screw extrude and pelletizing system.
  3.  Online packaging system for 25kg and ton bags.

Production process:Strand pelletizing

plastic pelletizing line


Automatic and accurate online measurement of raw materials

This system has a wide variety of raw materials, including 2 main materials (high soluble PE and PP pellets), 12 auxiliary materials, glass fiber and oily liquid substances, a total of 18 types of materials. The raw material automatic measurement system not only includes the main materials measurement and transportation, but also includes the accurate measurement of a variety of auxiliary materials (granules and powders).

Efficient Material Mixing

The measured main ingredients and various auxiliary ingredients are automatically dropped into the high-speed mixer in sequence. The mixer adopts an ultra-high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has a high energy saving rate. The comprehensive energy saving rate is 10% – 20% (compared to conventional asynchronous motor drive). And it adopts high torque synchronization , special structure blades and high load bearing groups, with high torque and overload capacity. The discharge adopts a dual mode control of time and motor current, which not only controls accurately, but also greatly saves mixing time, ensuring stable and reliable product quality.

High Output

Adopting co-rotational parallel twin-screw extruder with large L/D ratio screw design and high-performance mandrel, high-strength barrel, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant bushings, ensuring high output of the extruder while also ensuring the plasticization and low melt temperature of the material.

Automatic Online Packaging

Two packaging methods are combined 25kg small bags and large ton bags. After the particles are dried and homogenized, the packaging methods of 25kg small bags and 1000kg large bags can be flexibly switched online at any time according to the needs with simple operation.

High Automation

The whole production line has compact structure with small floor space and high automation, which can fully automate the whole production process from raw material batching, mixing, conveying → pelletizing and drying → packaging. And the entire system adopts Siemens control system, fieldbus communication control, and multi-system integrated control to achieve humanized operating experience.


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