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                                                                       Series 1

                                                               Extrusion System

Special extruder for HDPE and PVC pipes is designed with large L/D ratio screws and equipped with dedicated permanent magnet servo

motors to ensure high efficiency,low consumption, and low melt temperature. The front end of HDPE pipe extrusion adopts integrated pre

-cision weight control, and the material ratio is flexibly adjusted online. The PVC parallel twin-screw extruder is equipped with a “raw material

online mixing” system for direct extrusion molding. Combined  with Flexcon+ flexible control  system, it provides equipment data collection and

processing, and adds predictive maintenance to the gearbox on the basis of existing maintenance. Material measurement,vacuum control, and

finished product weight all adopt closed-loop control.

                                                                                        Series 2

                                            Full series metering and mixing system

                                                 for powder and granular materials

The entire series of powder Loss-in-weight Feeder, Powder Formula Weigher, Multi-component Weighing Mixer for granular materials,

Gravimetric Doser for granules, and  Gravimetric Doser for powder. The products have multiple invention patents and they will be dyn

-amically demonstrated every day during Chinaplas 2023.


                                                                                      Series 3

                               FLEXCON+ flexible control system for plastic processing

It has the controlling, data acquisition, and data processing functions. Our booth is equipped with a multi-screen linkage electronic

display screen,which can  interact  with the on-site audience. It showcases high-tech technologies such as energy consumption

analysis of plastic extrusion production lines,energy analysis of plastic centralized feeding systems, and advanced predictive ma

-intenance of extruders.


                                                                                     Series 4

                                              Dynamic demonstration of permanent 

                                                  magnet servo system for extruder

Live dynamic demonstration of the dedicated permanent magnet servo system for the extruder, with excellent dynamic response,

temperature rise, noise, and  vibration performance in extrusion.



                                                Learn more about new devices, features, and configurations.


                                                        Welcome to our booth

                                                             April 17th-20th, 2023

                                                                Shenzhen, China

                                                                    Hall 8 · H41




                                                Thank you for all the customers and visitors, hope to meet you at the CHINAPLAS 2023!


                                                                                               During the exhibition

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