Countdown to 2023 Plástico Brasil

Plástico Brasil is the most complete plastic transformation event in Latin America, it is an International Plastic Exhibition. There were more than 800 national and international exhibition brands that presented their products and launches in a space of more than 40,000 m². Liansu Machinery, with its Liansu and Mconvey brands, will present the extruder which is dedicated […]

Liansu Mconvey: Customized Automated dosing and mixing system  

Below, we would like to share you a popular automatic systems used in plastic production workshop. From the following flow chart, you will see an automatic weighing and mixing system. It includes: 1.Feeding station, with air-filter  2.Formula Weigher, for dosing additive 3.Main material weigher, with big capacity 4.High speed mixer. 5.Silo for extruders and srew conveyor to extrusion […]


LIANSU MACHINERY (Mconvey) COMPLETE  SUCCESSFUL DEMO IN PLASTIC &RUBBER INDONESIA Liansu Machinery, co-hosted with PT YAMATA MACHINERY has completed a successful demo in Plastic & Rubber Indonesia from Nov 16th to Nov 19th, 2022. During these four days, Liansu Machinery has brought to all new and old customers in different plastic industries with the loss-in-weight feeder, the […]

K-Show Report

                                                        K-show report LIANSU MACHINERY  has demonstrated with the latest models of plastic equipment with the company’s brand Mconvey in K2022 Düsseldorf during this 8-day exhibition. Mconvey is Liansu […]

Compound mixer

compound mixing

Compound mixer Liansu Machinery provides customers with customized solution of full-automatic material compound and conveying system, from the storage of material, material conveying, weighing and mixing of main material and formula material, automatic conveying of compound material to each extruder, and online solution of multiple pigment switching. The key link and energy consumption of the complete compound & feeding system is the compound mixer unit, which covers […]

Application of powder automatic dosing system in plastic extrusion industry

Application of powder automatic dosing system in plastic extrusion industry     In the plastic extrusion industry, for medium and large-scale pipe, packaging film, board,sheet and other profile products manufacturers, we provide a complete set of customized full-automatic dosing and feeding system scheme from the storage of material, material conveying, weighing and mixing, automatically convey to each extruder for production. The […]

Plastic full-automatic dosing and conveying system

Plastic full-automatic dosing and conveying system Aim at all kinds of granular raw materials, according the customers requirement of the producing process、accuracy requirements for weighing 、plant and equipment layout and etc,Liansu Machinery offer a customized full-automatic compound and feeding system proposal. From raw materials storage to materials conveying 、dosing、mixing,automatic conveying to every machine. Multi-scenario application introduction Materials […]