Accuracy & Compact – Multi-Component Gravimetric Blender

With the development of plastic processing and applications, the product formulas are becoming more and more abundant, and the precise feeding of raw material formulas is related to the product stability. According to customers’ different process and formula needs, Mconvey can provide one-stop customized powder/granular automated materials handling equipment and solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers. Hereunder […]

Online Pigment Mixing System

In the production of the rubber and plastics industry, the pigments and raw materials are generally mixed together and then conveyed to various downstream equipments. It is not easy to change color and clean, which affects product stability and production efficiency. In order to meet the needs of different customers, Mconvey offers customized automated powder/granule materials handling […]

Introduction of Jumbo Bag Discharging Station

As a common way of daily plastic packaging, the jumbo bags are widely used. Although it is more convenient in material transportation and storage, but it also has the problem of unloading. Due to the large volume and weight of jumbo bags, the traditional manual unloading is often inefficient and labor-intensive. If it is powder materials jombo bag, it is easy to cause dust problem and pollute the workshop. In order to reduce the labor intensity […]

Case | American Powder Automated Handling Project Completed

powder material silo

As a professional provider of automated material handling solutions, Mconvey provides customers with one-stop customized powder/granules automated weighing, mixing and conveying equipment and solutions. Hereunder we would like to introduce the project case of Mconvey’ s automated powder handling system. The customer mainly produces PVC pipes. According to customer requirements, Mconvey customized automated powder handling system solutions from mixing systems to extrusion […]

Compound pelletizing line completed online acceptance

plastic pellet making machine

Mconvey successfully completed the online acceptance of the twin-screw compound pelletizing line for North American customer. The customer remotely monitors the entire conveying, control and packaging process in real time online, and finally accepts it . Application : Chemical industry Output:500-600kg/h Raw materials: High soluble PE composite pellets, PP pellets and various auxiliary powders (12 types) Delivery area: […]

Case | PE/LDPE Pelletizing Extrusion Online Mixing System

plastic granulator machine

With the continuous development of compound technology, plastics can be modified to improve their material and processing properties, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of plastics, thus broadening the field of application. This case is a PE/LDPE material modification pelletizing project. The customer mainly produces modified masterbatch such as PE/HDPE/LLPE/PP, etc. Mconvey provides […]

Hi, New Mconvey!

In order to further enhance the brand image of Mconvey, we has made design changes to the  logo. The new logo will be officially launched from November 3, 2023. New logo New logo in Chinese With a new logo and new image, Mconvey will maintain innovation to provide customers the complete customized automated material handling solution. Please pay attention to our product upgrades. […]

Mconvey Factory Tour | Digitalized Manufacturing

In recent years, Mconvey has continued to promote the refined management of production, build an information-based ecosystem of production management. At present, we have gradually used enterprise resource management SAP, product documentation management PLM, manufacturing execution system MES, warehouse management system WMS and other digital management systems. And we also have completed the construction of IOT on CNC equipment, machining centers and […]

Mconvey Factory Tour | Expore Mconvey Quality Manufacturing – Automated laser cutting

Laser cutting is an important application technology in the laser processing industry. In the Mconvey processing workshop, there are 4 high-power laser cutting machines, 2 precision laser cutting machines, and 1 large-scale plasma cutting machine. Laser cutting is adopted for materials such as plates and pipes used in the product, which can achieve automatic cutting […]

Case | Efficient and energy-saving automated material feeding solution for Pipe Fitting Injection

Automation is driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. The investment in automation can reduce or eliminate human errors in the production process, improve product quality stability, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. This issue takes you into customer production sites to learn about automated material feeding solutions for injection molding accessories […]