Dosing | Gravimetric Doser for Granular Material

In the plastic processing , the diverse and stable of masterbatch is important factor to the product quality. Mconvey offer Gravimetric Doser, which is specifically for dosing masterbatch. It can accurately weighing masterbatch online, gurantee the stability quality in the processing of injection molding,extrusion and blow molding. Gravimetric doser with high-precision load cell can accurately weigh masterbatch to ensure accurate dosing control. This product is suitable […]

Case | Integrated Gravimetric Blender in Plastic Film industry

Customer located in Latin America, is one of the largestplastic blown film manufacturers in local market, the customer has over 25 lines. Before automation upgraded , it required a lot of manual work for material handling and had problems in difficult to recruit and manage workers with high operations errors, resulting in inaccurate material proportions and waste of raw […]

Online Weighing & Mixing System in plastics Film Industry

Five components loss in weight feeder

To meet the demand for film materials, the accurate proportion and mixing of raw materials during production are important. As a provider of customized automated material handling solutions, Mconvey developed “online weighing and mixing system” dedicated for plastic film extrusion industry. This system enables real-time online weighing of raw materials, significantly improving production efficiency and product consistency. Features It is […]

Case | How to realize energy saving on material conveying

Material handling typically adopts pneumatic conveying,which can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure. The positive pressure conveying uses high-flow compressed air, suitable for high-volume transport in large storage silos. The material transfer between equipment in workshops often use vacuum negative pressure. Traditional way of negative pressure conveying mainly adopt Roots vacuum pump units, […]

Case | Automatic material handling solution for pipe extrusion

Hereunder we will share the case of Mconvey’s automated material handling solution in plastic pipe industry. The system has been successfully accepted by customer. Mconvey provided an integrated automated material handling for the upstream material processing of plastic pipe extrusion production line, covered raw material storage drying, weighing, mixing, and conveying. Project Info: Area:Eastern Europe […]

NPE 2024 Showtime!

NPE 2024 was started on 6th May in USA. NPE is the largest plastics trade show in the Americas and one of the most innovative business events in the world. Mconvey demonstrated the latest solutions in Automated Materials Handling. You can see all kinds of powder or granular weighing & compound equipment onsite, including gravimetric weigher, gravimetric […]

Chinaplas2024 Preview 【Gravimetric Blender Series】

Different plastic materials weighing and mixing processing, a multi-component gravimetric blender is usually used to accurately feed and mix various materials with preset proportions. Mconvey’s full range of multi-component gravimetric blenders provide various models from 60kg to 5000kg to meet various requirements in different industries. For limited installation space, Mconvey developed a model of gravimetric blender with minimum installation height. Let’s […]

Chinaplas2024 Preview【Film online weighing and mixing system】

Mconvey developed “online weighing and mixing system” dedicated for plastic film extrusion industry, it can meet the needs of multi granular materials loss-in-weight feeding and mixing, pls follow us and preview in advance! Focus It is composed of a loss-in-weight feeder (granular) for main materials and four hopper or more loss-in-weight feeders for sub materials. […]

Chinaplas2024 preview 【Plastic extrusion online mixing system】

According to the characteristics of plastic pipe extrusion production, Mconvey developed multi-component loss-in-weight combination feeder ,which meet the needs of multi-materials loss in weight feeding in extrusion. Hereunder, let us introduce the key points of the product in this preview. The product is designed for PVC pipe extrusion and is composed of multiple loss-in-weight feeders. It not only effectively solves material flushing and bridging […]

Chinaplas 2024 Preview【Permanent Magnet Vacuum Pumping Station】

Most traditional negative pressure transportation uses Roots vacuum pump station, but the frequent start and stop will cause high energy consumption and production costs. Mconvey’s material handling solution can effectively reduce the energy consumption and the maintenance cost. We replaces the multiple Roots vacuum pump station with one efficient and energy-saving permanent magnet vacuum pump station. We will show the Permanent Magnet Vacuum Pump […]