Mconvey Factory Tour | Expore Mconvey Quality Manufacturing – Automated laser cutting

Laser cutting is an important application technology in the laser processing industry. In the Mconvey processing workshop, there are 4 high-power laser cutting machines, 2 precision laser cutting machines, and 1 large-scale plasma cutting machine. Laser cutting is adopted for materials such as plates and pipes used in the product, which can achieve automatic cutting […]

Case | Efficient and energy-saving automated material feeding solution for Pipe Fitting Injection

Automation is driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. The investment in automation can reduce or eliminate human errors in the production process, improve product quality stability, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. This issue takes you into customer production sites to learn about automated material feeding solutions for injection molding accessories […]

How to remove moisture from plastic effectively? Plastic Dehumidifying Dryer Combination

In the production process of plastic products, due to the hygroscopicity of most plastic materials and the influence of climate and environment, it is easy to absorb surrounding moisture and penetrate into the interior of plastic materials, affecting the quality of product molding, resulting in problems such as bubbles, opacity, shrinkage, silver lines, and poor […]

Mconvey Factory Tour | Expore Mconvey Quality Manufacturing

Mconvey focuses on the efficient and precise dosing, mixing, and conveying of various plastic chemical materials. We are the provider of automated material handling solutions and a manufacturer of full range of auxiliary products. Mconvey will gradually launch a series of special reports on Mconvey quality product manufacturing, taking everyone into the Mconvey factory to understand the story behind product […]

CASE | Powder Material Handling Solution for Building Material Insdustry

Mconvey provides solutions for fully automated handling systems of various granules and powder materials, and we also offer customized solutions according to different needs from customers. Here we’d like to share the project introduction of PVC powder automated handling solutions for one of the main manufacturer in the field of ceiling pannel industry. Mconvey’s customer mainly produces new […]

Case sharing | Application of Gravimetric Blender in Casting Film Production Line

Casting film is a non stretchable, non oriented and flat extruded film produced by rapid cooling of melt casting, with superior heat sealing performance and excellent transparency. The stability of product quality cannot be achieved without precise material ratios, among which the selection, matching, dosage, and mixing of formulas are key elements in the composition and […]

Application Cases of Mconvey Centralized handling System in the Chemical Coatings Industry

Mconvey provides solutions for fully automatic handling systems for various particles and powders, covering a full range of metering auxiliary equipment, high and low speed mixing mechanisms. For efficient powder mixing equipment, it can handle the mixing of solid powders and granules, and is widely used in the food, chemical, and building materials industries. This case is a waterproof […]

Exhibitions review

As a brand of Liansu, Mconvey has participated many exhibitions at home and abroad with Liansu this year, focusing on promoting automatic handling solution and auxiliary equipment. Thank you for your support and trust! Now let us review the highlights of our exhibitions in June.   Exhibitions in China  ICIE 2023 Guangzhou 14-16 June Display:Colter […]

AMI Plastics World Expos 2023丨INVITATION

plastic raw material machinery

AMI Plastics World Expos 2023 is coming soon! We kindly invite you to visit our booth, No.: A406, Hall 1-2 Date:14-15 JUNE 2023 Position: Essen, Germany Mconvey Plastics Material Handling Solution Provider For more information Scan this QR code for our catalog