Mconvey provides overall solution for plastic material handling system

In plastic products market, consumers are paying more and more attention to the performance, quality and environmental standards.Factories are facing the problem of too many additives in their material formulas and inaccurate of manual dosing.

Mconvey’s automatic weighing and mixing system has solved this problem for customers.Moreover, such systems can reduce labor cost greatly,improve working environment and improve the products quality.The following flow chart will show you what an automatic weighing and mixing system is. It includes:

Feeding station, with air-filter
Formula Weigher, for dosing additives
Main material weigher, with big capacity
High speed mixer

 Feeding station, with air-filter

 High speed mixer

Formula Weigher, for dosing additives;  Main material weigher, with big capacity   


This system is suitable for many extrusion production lines, like: pipe, profile, cables, tubes extrusion. It can handle all types of powder materials, like PVC, CaCO3, other additives.Mconvey also makes central conveying systems, drying systems, all types of dosing systems.

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