[PVC plastic pipe automation factory] overseas projects were successfully delivered

Liansu from plant planning and design, capacity design, customized program and program implementation, after seven months of overcoming the impact of the epidemic, the engineering team of Liansu successfully completed the overall delivery of the overseas project of PVC pipe automation factory as scheduled. The project covers the automatic mixing and conveying system of raw materials in the upstream of PVC pipe extrusion production , PVC pipe extrusion production line equipment, and automatic packaging system in the downstream of extrusion production.

Project introduction

1.plastic powder automatic mixing and conveying system

The system covers the following modules: automatic feeding station for tons and small packages of raw materials; indoor storage silo for mixed and dosing ; automatic measuring system of main material and formula material; high speed mixing of raw materials; automatic pneumatic conveying of main material, formula material and mixture material.

The difficulty of the project lies in the user’s each extruder need switch 1-3 kinds of formula, feeding system can meet the ‘ gray, white ,green,red’ four colors of plastic pipe production ,according to variety , the color of the products produced, each device to ensure that the whole system design met the using requirements of users and also control the input costs, Liansu adopts online mixing color scheme to achieve flexible color change, and guide users to optimize the rationality of production schedule, design the best solution for users and the lowest input cost;


The fabrication of large silos and high-altitude pipelines which involved in the project ware all made on site and completed under the guidance of Liansu engineering team. The whole feeding system should realize the overall control communication with the third party brand extrusion equipment and mixer; The operation test is via the transnational remote technical support system .

2.PVC pipe extrusion automatic production equipment

The complete conveying system matched with 28 LIANSU PVC extrusion lines . Such as high-speed four pipe , double pipe and single pipe extrusion. The advantage of Liansu extrusion equipment are energy saving, high efficiency, high output and cover the full range of downstream automatic packaging . In the aspect of energy saving , the main transmission adopts the self-owned brand Hengpu extrusion line special ultra-efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, combined with Liansu high output screw, PVC pipe processing of the comprehensive energy consumption is as low as 0.09~0.13kwh/kg.

3.Automatic online packaging

The pipe extrusion production line is equipped with online automatic socket equipment ,automatic conveying and automatic online packaging to realizing a true turnkey project of the whole line automation!


The successful delivery of this project is inseparable from our overseas after-sales service engineering team. Every section will be trained and explained, and their professional skills will be handed to customers hand in hand. At the same time, we will follow up the using of equipment in the later period, so that customers are familiar with the use of equipment to ensure the sustainability of user production.

At present, Liansu has established many cases of automatic mixing and conveying system of plastic in Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East,South America and Africa .We believe that our profession engineer team, project experience and on-site construction ability can make a contribution to your automation factory!



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