Accuracy & Compact – Multi-Component Gravimetric Blender

With the development of plastic processing and applications, the product formulas are becoming more and more abundant, and the precise feeding of raw material formulas is related to the product stability. According to customers’ different process and formula needs, Mconvey can provide one-stop customized powder/granular automated materials handling equipment and solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers. Hereunder we will introduce Mconvey’s high-precision compactmulti-component gravimetric blender for the accurate dosing of granular materials.

Multi-Component plastic Gravimetric Blender

Accuracy & Compact –  Multi-Component Gravimetric Blender

Precise dosing and mixing to improve quality and efficiency

Adopt stepper motor to directly drive the screw to dose each raw material with the combination of weight loss and weight gain for precise feeding and uniform mixing. It can ensure the output and accuracy,improve product stability, and reduce waste products.

Integrated compact design to saves space

The system integrates dosing, weighing and mixing. It is small size and can be directly installed on the injection molding machine/ extruder for online use, saving floor space. According to different formula needs, it can assemble multi-component hoppers (up to 7 groups) to achieve 7 kinds of raw materials online dosing at the same time.

Online masterbatch mixing and feeding, flexible color change

The masterbatch and additives can be added through the gravimetric doser on side to achieve flexible online color mixing, accurate feeding with setting output, and uniform color mixing. And the modular structure allows flexible color changes and easy maintenance.

PLC control +Processing data processing

It adopts PLC control system with automatic operation, and has Ethernet communication function, which can realize the centralized monitoring function of networking with the machine.


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