Online Pigment Mixing System

In the production of the rubber and plastics industry, the pigments and raw materials are generally mixed together and then conveyed to various downstream equipments. It is not easy to change color and clean, which affects product stability and production efficiency. In order to meet the needs of different customers, Mconvey offers customized automated powder/granule materials handling solutions and provides online pigment mixing systems for powders, granules and both.

Each system can be installed on each downstream equipment to achieve flexible color change, simple operation and easy cleaning. The system is equipped with  twin-screw loss in weight feeder for main material, which can accurately control the output of the extruder. It is also equipped with online color mixing loss in weight feeder to achieve flexible online color mixing, and the pigment and main material are accurately fed according to the set output to ensure uniform color mixing and ensure stable products and efficient production.

Powder and Granules Online Pigment Mixing System

Online Pigment Mixing System


  • Accurate and efficient, uniform online pigment mixing .
  • Modular structure, flexible color change and easy cleaning.
  • PLC touch screen control, easy operation, and can provide integrated control and data collection .

Flexible combination

The system can provide multiple structures according to customer needs and can be customized.

⚫ Main Materials Feeding

Accurate metering and dosing of main raw materials or auxiliary raw materials.

Loss in weight feeder

⚫ Masterbatch & Pigment Feeding

Accurate dosing of Masterbatch or color powder.

Gravimetric Doser

Different needs with different components to meet different occasions and fields.

Pigment Doser


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