Countdown to 2023 Plástico Brasil

Plástico Brasil is the most complete plastic transformation event in Latin America, it is an International Plastic Exhibition.

There were more than 800 national and international exhibition brands that presented their products and launches in a space of more than 40,000 m².

Liansu Machinery, with its Liansu and Mconvey brands, will present the extruder which is dedicated for plastic pipe,

Mconvey’s loss in weight feeder, masterbach doser, gravimetric blender with auto-loader and Pigment Doser in Plastic Brazil.

We would focus on energy saving, digital manufacturing and machine’s efficiency on this exhibition, which make plastic

extrusion production’s consumption become more lower, easier and more efficient. Let’s know more about our products.

Mconvey, the sub-brand of Liansu, its loss in weight feeder(powder) will be debuted this time. It can control the output of the

extruder with high accuracy. Besides, this machine has excellent bridge breaking performance for the materials which with poor

fluidity, that is due to its special DD servo motor, and it can mix the materials with horizontal and vertical of the omnidirectional

at the same time. In addition, the whole machine adopts lightweight structure design, it is easy for us to install and control with high accuracy.

  Loss in Weight Feeder

The masterbatch doser is an automatic dosing equipment to control the feeding proportion of materials like masterbatch,

regrind pellets or other granular additives. It can increase the production efficiency by reducing the manual weighing and

mixing process. This machine adopts a modular assembly structure, which can be quickly disassembled and assembled when

the color needs to be changed, and it is also easy to clean.











                 Masterbatch Dosererbatch Doser

The Gravimetric Blender adopts modular assembly structure, it allows us to clean and exchange with ease. All materials are uniformly

mixed by gravity measurement of The Gravimetric blender, and the micro-metering accuracy can be strictly controlled within the scope

of ±0.5%. It has automatic repeated calibration function to ensure the high dosing accuracy. With the formula storage function, up to 100

formulas can be stored. It is easy for us to operate and understand this machine by PLC control.

Gravimetric Blender with Auto-loader

The Pigment Doser is a high-precision automatic masterbatch feeding machin, it adopts a modular assembly structure,

which can be changed the color conveniently, and it is also easy to clean. It is generally used as an automatic addition of

color masterbatch with plastic extrusion machines or injection molding machines. The feeding control system of it can

follow the signal of the extruder or the injection molding machine automatically. It can also adjust the output of the color

masterbatch automatically, which is to achieve the purpose of automatic compounding of the color masterbatch.

Pigment Doser


Come and visit us to discover Liansu and Mconvey’s innovative technology in extrusion equipment, automatic weighing, mixing and conveying.

Date: from March 27 to 31, 2023

Location: São Paulo Expo pavilion

Visit our booth C085 and check it out!



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