Chinaplas2024 preview 【Plastic extrusion online mixing system】

According to the characteristics of plastic pipe extrusion production, Mconvey developed multi-component loss-in-weight combination feeder ,which meet the needs of multi-materials loss in weight feeding in extrusion. Hereunder, let us introduce the key points of the product in this preview.

plastic dosing mixing system

The product is designed for PVC pipe extrusion and is composed of multiple loss-in-weight feeders. It not only effectively solves material flushing and bridging problems of pvc compound material feeding, also ensures the stability of pipe wall thickness and stable production, while saving 2% of raw material consumption. The system is installed on the extruder and adopts combination of “powder loss in weight feeder ” + “granular loss in weight feeder ” to provide flexible and fast online formula change. This solution has been widely application in domestic and abroad!

Mconvey will share more automatic material handling solutions with you at the exhibition, and we can provide a full set of customized solutions with your needs. For more details, Let’s see at booth 5.1B67 !

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