Application Cases of Mconvey Centralized handling System in the Chemical Coatings Industry

Mconvey provides solutions for fully automatic handling systems for various particles and powders, covering a full range of metering auxiliary equipment, high and low speed mixing mechanisms. For efficient powder mixing equipment, it can handle the mixing of solid powders and granules, and is widely used in the food, chemical, and building materials industries.

This case is a waterproof coating product in the chemical coatings industry. The project includes four production lines, namely the universal waterproof coating production line, the flexible waterproof coating production line, the plugging king production line, and the ceramic tile adhesive production line.

Mconvey provides turnkey engineering for the design, construction, commissioning, and service of the entire system. The project includes four major parts:material storage system, fully automatic conveying and dosing system, mixing system after dosing, and automatic packaging after mixing. The overall system adopts a top-down design, with 8 sets of 100m3 material storage silos placed outdoors, respectively storing quartz sand, cement, heavy calcium, and additives. 

After being fed at the ton-bag feeding station, the materials are pneumatically conveyed to the large material silo for storage.

The automatic weighing and metering system for the main and formula materials is placed on the third-floor platform, and is spiral metered before being discharged to a high-speed mixer on the second-floor platform.

After mixing, the materials are stored in the lower silo for packaging on the downstream packaging production lines.

The application of this project involves materials such as quartz sand, cement, and heavy calcium, which are relatively hard materials. During pneumatic conveying, screw conveying, and especially high-speed mixing, it is extremely easy to cause wear and tear on pipelines, screws, screw barrels, and mixing blades. Therefore, it is required that the relevant equipment of the entire project be designed with sufficient lifespan to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Mconvey not only provides the design and construction of the overall plan, but also the main equipment used in the plan, such as auxiliary material weighing scales for additives, main material weighing scales, and high-speed colter mixer, are all self-made products of Mconvey. Mconvey has rich experience in solid materials such as powders and granules, as well as centralized liquid feeding equipment in various industries!


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