Case sharing | Application of Gravimetric Blender in Casting Film Production Line

Casting film is a non stretchable, non oriented and flat extruded film produced by rapid cooling of melt casting, with superior heat sealing performance and excellent transparency. The stability of product quality cannot be achieved without precise material ratios, among which the selection, matching, dosage, and mixing of formulas are key elements in the composition and design of casting film formulas, which will affect the quality of casting film products.

Mconvey understands what you think and matches your needs. We provide a full range of mixers that can adapt to different material ratios and mixing aspects. In this issue, we will delve deeper into the weighing, dosing, and mixing solution of Mconvey’s multi-component materials – the Gravimetric blender – through the application of Mconvey’s Gravimetric blender on the casting film production line.

mconvey plastic granule automatic dosing, mixing and conveying system
Customer production site

Our domestic customer has a total of 9 three-layer co-extrusion casting film machines, which use a single formula and contain multiple raw materials. The raw materials are conveyed to the extrusion machine head through the raw material distribution station. The customer previously used manual operations for dosing, weighing, and mixing, which resulted in low work efficiency and could easily lead to human error, waste of raw materials, and dust overflow, seriously affecting the quality of their products. Based on the actual production situation and needs of customers, Mconvey assists in the storage, weighing, mixing, and feeding of front-end materials, providing feeding buckets, storage silos, material distribution stations, Gravimetric blender, feeding fans+filtering components, and PLC control systems.

Through the upgrade and transformation of Mconvey, we have achieved automated material supply operations for customers, improved on-site management level, effectively saved space, reduced labor, raw material loss, and dust pollution, and further improved product quality and production efficiency.

mconvey gravimetric batch blender unit mconvey gravimetric batch blender unit

Mconvey Gravimetric blender plays an important role in the production of casting film which requires different raw material ratios. As a high-precision automatic dosing and mixing machine, the Mconvey Gravimetric blender can be used simultaneously in various plastic particles, masterbatch, auxiliary agents, and other situations where requires strict weight dosing and mixing of materials, reducing manual mixing processes and human errors, effectively improving customer production accuracy and automation level, and maintaining stable product quality.


  • Product features:
  • PLC fully automatic control: touch screen display, easy to understand and user-friendly;
  • Modular assembly structure: Each component can be quickly disassembled and easily cleaned, and can be installed on the main machineor ground for use;
  • Stable performance: All key weighing and feeding valves are precision cast to ensure stable performance;
  • High feeding accuracy: The pneumatic “plug valve” acts quicklyabout 4-5 times/second;
  • Flexible formula: It can quickly switch formulas online, eliminating the hassle of professional calibration, and has powerful formula storage function;
  • Uniform mixing: A unique 45 degree mixing device ensures uniform mixing without dead corners;
  • Accurate metering: All materials are evenly mixed through gravity metering, and the precision of micro meteringcan be strictly controlled at 0.5%;
  • Network interconnection and interworking: Equipped with network ports, it can achieve centralized monitoring and networking with molding machines.


Mconvey Gravimetric blender

High precision, high efficiency, and precise metering

A great partner of your automated weighing, metering and dosing!

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