The First Exhibition of New Year – PLASTEX 2024

On 9th of Jan, the 19th PLASTEX 2024 was held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center. As the first show in 2024,Mconvey displayed the major product of gravimetric weighing and mixing system , received a lots of feedback from first day of the show.

Auxiliary Products

As an indispensable equipment in plastic processing and production, the quality of auxiliary products affects the product and the production efficiency. Mconvey provides full range of automated weighing and mixing auxiliary equipment, including storage, drying, conveying, dosing, mixing, weighing and others.  At this exhibition, Mconvey focuses on the auxiliary equipment for weighing and mixing, including Gravimetric Doser, Pigment Doser, Loss-In-Weight Feeder (powder), and Gravimetric Blender, which provide precise dosing and make production more controllable , higher efficient , more stable product quality.

Pigment Doser

Material Handling Solutio

In addition to auxiliary products, Mconvey can provide customized automatic powder/granular material handling systems, provide customers with one-stop full-process material handling solutions for the plastics industry and promote automated production level and production efficiency optimization.

More information,

January 9th to 12th

Welcome to visit us at 2D48 booth.


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