Automated Multi-Materials weighing solutions in extrusion

In the extrusion of PVC plastic pipes, the PVC powder with high calcium content can easily cause “flushing” and bridging problems during the conveying, resulting in product quality problems. In response to the needs of accurate extrusion production of PVC drainage pipes with high calcium,  Mconvey provides multi-component loss-in-weight combination feeder. It not only can improve the pipe quality , but also save 2% of raw material consumption. Hereunder we will introduce the case about our four-components loss-in-weight combination feeder .

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Application lines:450 PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Pipe range:Ø110 — Ø450mm

Output:1000 kg/h

►Modular assembly design

The system is installed on the extruder of the production line and is composed of multiple Mconvey loss-in-weight feeders. It has modular design, compact structure, and easy maintenance. It can be assembled with more components according to actual production needs.

►Online accurate weighing and mixing of multi-component materials

The system can realize accurate online weighing and mixing of multiple materials in proportion to ensure the quality of extruded products.

►Excellent material breaking and bridging performance

The loss-in-weight feeder uses self-developed customized hollow DD servo motor, which is suitable for high-calcium powder materials with poor fluidity. It can also be used for the measurement of irregular granules and crushed materials. It not only prevents the materials from bridging, but also allows materials are not disturbed during measurement to ensure the stability of material measurement.

►Flexible color change online

Equipped with online pigment doser to achieve online color mixing and flexible production.


► Twin-screw loss-in-weight feeder (powder)

It can realize online accurate measurement of main ingredients, and achieve bridge-free feeding of high-calcium powder materials with more than 100PHR calcium powder content.

► Loss-in-weight feeder (granules)

The output is 600kg/h, and the precise proportion of crushed materials or granulated materials and main materials can be added simultaneously.

► Pigment doser

Realize online synchronization and accurate feeding of color powder or sand.

► Gravimetric doser

Realize online synchronization and accurate feeding of color masterbatch.

► Cleaning feeder

The output is 1500kg/h, which facilitates the timely feeding of cleaning materials to the equipment for cleaning during shutdown.


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