Customized Online Pigment Mixing System

In order to meet the different material and color requirements of the customers, Mconvey provides customized online pigment mixing solutions, and promotes integrated doser for masterbatch powder or granules to achieve online flexible color matching, and has been used in 3D printing, modified pelletizing and other industries. The system can be used to uniformly feed powdery trace additives and granular materials in proportion, and change colors online, helping customers meet their high-efficiency and high-quality production needs.

Integrated Doser for Powder and Granule

Modular combination, easy and convenient installation and maintenance

The online pigment mixing system used by the customer is the powder and granule integrated machine. It can mix powder and granular materials at the same time. According to the material requirements of different components, it can be freely installed on each molding machine which greatly improve production efficiency. The system is easy to load and unload, and the equipment adopts self-cleaning twin-screws for easy cleaning and fast material change.

Accurately weighing, mixing and feeding

The system can accurately measure and mix powders and granules according to the setting proportion, with measurement accuracy of up to ±0.1%, and can flexibly change the feeding volume on the PLC touch screen. It also has self-learning control function without debugging when changing formulas. It effectively solves problems such as inaccurate feeding and uneven color mixing leading to poor product coloring effects.

Customized online color mixing solutions 

Mconvey provides customized online pigment mixing systems, including automatic weighing and mixing of powders, granules and powder and granular materials, which can flexibly adapt to the multi-color and multi-variety requirements of products and meet the diversified production needs of different customers.

Flexible combination


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