Gravimetric Metering System (powder)


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Gravimetric Metering System (powder)

Suitable for accurate measurement of small doses of raw materials in extruders, injection molding machines or multi-component batch scales.


Working principle:

Doser (powder) adopts twin screw metering and feeding, screw drive is directly driven by stepping motor, it is suitable for the accurate measurement of powder toner or fine grain sand,the gravity closed loop is established by screw speed and raw material weight in the hopper of the doser,it can compare the preset measurement value with the actual vakue in real time, through calculating the difference between these , constantlt fine-tuning the speed of the metering screw, achieve the purpose of accurate control of the master material quantity, the advantages of weightless metering can effectively avoid the color powder stacking density difference casused by the color powder uncertainly; Doser (powder) is eqquipped with forced mixing blade to prevent the bridge caused by poor fluidity of pigment, and the twin screw feeding has screw self-cleaning function. Doeser control adopts 7” color touch screen +PLC control mode,human-machine interaction is convenient ,interface straightforward and clear, and have communication interface preset which is convenient for data integration;



Modular assembly structure,key structural parts are made of stainless precision casting

User Friendly HMI

Adopt PLC control and 7'' touch screen display which is user-friendly design;

Quick disassembling

Modular assembly structure,key structural parts are made of stainless precision casting; No need tools to disassemble and easy to clean, it can achieve change color within 1 minute;

High precision

Adopt gravimetric continuous metering method, gravity closed loop control,precision is accurate;

Automatic stop alarm device

Detection of color master bach blocking and overload ,automatic shutdown for protection and alarm; Can be used for continuous plastic extruder and intermittent injection molding machine to add the color masterbatch;

Equipped with 485 communication function.


modeloutput(kg/h)Load cell(kg)hopper capacity(L)power supply
LSGC-WSZ552061Φ220V 50/60Hz

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