Case | American Powder Automated Handling Project Completed

As a professional provider of automated material handling solutionsMconvey provides customers with one-stop customized powder/granules automated weighing, mixing and conveying equipment and solutions. Hereunder we would like to introduce the project case of Mconvey’ s automated powder handling system. The customer mainly produces PVC pipes. According to customer requirements, Mconvey customized automated powder handling system solutions from mixing systems to extrusion equipment, and provides overall solutions from design, equipment matching, on-site construction, installation to debugging, to achieve automated production upgrades and optimize production efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption, and reduce dust pollution in factory.
Powder Automated Handling Project
The project construction process not only needs to reduce the impact of customer’s normal production, but also ensures the project construction schedule. At the same time, the project construction involves a large number of high-altitude operations that needs to ensure construction safety. With the joint cooperation of the Mconvey team and customer, the project was successfully completed and passed acceptance.
Powder Automated Handling system

Centralized storage of raw materials, automated pollution-free feeding

Before : The customer manually pulled the material to the edge of the extruder and fed it through spring feeder with high labor intensity, serious dust pollution and unstable product quality.

After : Mconvey configured large silos as transit centralized storage. The materials are sent to the buffer silo above the extruder for temporary storage and extrusion production through dense phase transportation by the silo pump.  After the project was completed, it helps the customer to improve the level of production automation, and save the manpower of material transportion from the mixer to the extruder, reduce raw material waste and pollution and improve qualified product rate.

powder material silo material silo pneumatic conveying system

Real-time production monitoring, digital production management

The project is equipped with a data collection and monitoring system. The customer can monitor on-site equipment in real time and realize multiple functions such as data collection, data analysis, equipment control, parameter adjustment and alarm, ensuring stable production and improving customer production efficiency.

data collection and monitoring system


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