Chinaplas 2024 Preview – Gravimetric Weigher

CHINAPLAS 2024 will hold in Shanghai from 23th to 26th of April, 2024. Mconvey will display all models of weighing, compounding and conveying equipment and material handling solutions at booth 5.1B67. Before the event, we will launch a series of exhibits previews. Firstly, we will like to introduce the new product Gravimetric Weigher whch is dedicated for the accuracy weighing of small portion powder/granules Additives.

Product is suitable for precise batch weighing of powder and granular materials. lt is the latest product of Mconvey which is adopted the powder + granule weighing device that combines loss in weight ” + “weight gain”. lt meets the needs of online weighing and 5-station offline. lt can meet high out put and high precision at the same time, and effectively avoid dust pollution. lt has high accurate, high output, high automation, and maintenance-free. lt is widely used in rubber and plastics, chemicals, and food , new energy materials and other industries.

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