Case | Integrated Gravimetric Blender in Plastic Film industry

Customer located in Latin America, is one of the largestplastic blown film manufacturers in local market, the customer has over 25 lines. Before automation upgraded , it required a lot of manual work for material handling and had problems in difficult to recruit and manage workers with high operations errors, resulting in inaccurate material proportions and waste of raw materials.

Mconvey provided the customer customized solutions to achieve automated material suction, weighing, mixing to transportation to the production line. This not only reduced manual labor and costs, but also ensured the formula accuracy and reduced material waste. The customer was very satisfied with the results and gave high comment.

gravimetric blending

Mconvey integrated gravimetric blender is a highly efficient weighing and mixing equipment. It can realize the automatic suction, weighing, mixing and transportation of materials to the production line. The product is widely used in plastics, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries. It can improve the efficiency of the production process and product quality.

200kg Integrated Gravimetric Blender


  • Automatic material suction: The vacuum suction is used to automatically suck materials and reduce manual handling.
  • Accurate weighing: Equiped with high-precision weighing sensor ensures the accurate weight of each batch of materials to meet the needs of different production formulas.
  • Uniform mixing: Equipped with an efficient mixer, it can mix a variety of materials to ensure the product quality.
  • Automatic conveying: After mixing, the materials are automatically delivered to the production line through the conveying system, reducing manual operation and improving production efficiency.


  • Modular assembly, 2 to 6 groups can be assembled.
  • Precision casting valves with high feeding accuracy and good stability.
  • Self-learning control without debugging when change formula.
  • Stir evenly without the changes in material density.
  • Compact structure, integrating three functions of suction, feeding and mixing.

Mconvey can provide a full range of multi-component gravimetric Blender from 60kg to 5000kg to meet the various requirements of various industries.

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