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Mconvey focuses on the efficient and precise dosing, mixing, and conveying of various plastic chemical materials. We are the provider of automated material handling solutions and a manufacturer of full range of auxiliary products.

Mconvey will gradually launch a series of special reports on Mconvey quality product manufacturing, taking everyone into the Mconvey factory to understand the story behind product quality manufacturing. And today we will talk about Automated Robot Laser Welding.

In the production, many of our products are required welding processes. In the past, traditional production molds relied on experienced welders to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the welding parts, but the cycle was long and the cost was high. In order to improve quality and efficiency, Mconvey adopts CNC robot laser welding for sheet metal welding, which can achieve fast, accurate, and stable automated welding of various materials, replacing manual welding, and ensuring more precise welding, more stable quality and more efficient production.

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