CASE | Powder Material Handling Solution for Building Material Insdustry

Mconvey provides solutions for fully automated handling systems of various granules and powder materials, and we also offer customized solutions according to different needs from customers. Here we’d like to share the project introduction of PVC powder automated handling solutions for one of the main manufacturer in the field of ceiling pannel industry.

Mconvey’s customer mainly produces new type of plastic roofing and wall anti-corrosion tiles, transparent panels, light tiles and other series of products. Mconvey offered two solutions which combined with the customer’s existing new and old plant structural characteristics, current extrusion machine configuration to provide the entire plant from feeding, weighing, mixing, conveying , taking into account the production connection needs of the customer’s new and old factory relocation.The new plant’s feeding system took two months from the installation, debugging and successful completion of the commissioning as scheduled, and the performance of the system met the customer’s requirements!

This project provides a fully automated raw material mixing and conveying system for the upstream of the customer’s resin tile, photovoltaic panel and flat line sheet extrusion equipment, including material dumping station of PVC/CaCO3 , weighing system and additives feeding station,compound mixer, and compound material conveying to extrusion, which improves the automation of the front-end of the extrusion processing,and accuracy weighing of formula material, and greatly increase mixing capacity, improve the customer’s production efficiency and product quality.

Reasonable planning and layout to help customers reduce investment costs

The customer’s new plant had problems with height and limit space. With Mconvey experience in material handing system cases, we improved the system process by accurately calculating the minimum volume of the equipment, reducing the height of the equipment and optimizing the overall design layout of the whole system to save space so that the customer’s production process could be compact and run efficiently.

Intelligent online precise pigment mixing and dosing to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency

According to the customer’s products, the extrusion equipment needs to switch multiple formulas and contain multiple colors, the feeding system needs to meet the production of “grey, white, green, red” four colors of the plastic sheet extrusion line, in order to ensure that to meet the customer’s actual use of the demand and to control investment budget, Mconvey provided customers the Online Pigment Mixing Device to achieve flexible color change, ensure  that the pigment and main materials are accurately fed in proportion, and achieve online color mixing uniformity, and simpler color changing operation.

Rapid construction to ensure the project is completed on schedule, efficiency and good quality

The customer’s relocation time was urgent, but Mconvey has responded quickly by delivering the entire project in quality and quantity within 2 months. The estimated downtime for the customer was more than two months. Finally, it was reduced to only one week.


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